Friday, Jan. 7, 2011

Are the Bears Super Bowl favorites?

The Bleacher Report thinks so, and they've got ten reasons to support their prediction. Topping the list is the Chicago Bear's resiliency, attributing their toughness and the fact that they don't back down from a challenge and you can't rattle them. Among the other winning traits, the Bleacher Reporter cites Brian Urlacher, Mike Martz, and Devin Hester. (Bleacher Report)

White Sox are close to signing Ohman

The Chicago White Sox may acquire left-hander Will Ohman. The pitcher has not made a decision just yet, but he is reportedly close to making his choice. The Baltimore Sun reports that the White Sox are the front runners in this race. Despite drawing interest from the Orioles this winter, the O's are not one of the three AL finalists on top of Ohman's list. (

Thibs and Boozer on the rocks?

After being benched for the entire fourth quarter of Chicago's loss to the Nets on Wednesday, Carlos Boozer affirms there is no problem between him and coach Tom Thibodeau.

"It wasn't necessarily Carlos," Thibodeau said. "The second unit went in, they were playing well. They made up the 13 very quickly. I just decided to ride that group because they were playing well." (Yahoo Sports)

Rafael Soriano on the South Side?

The top reliever and one of the top free agents on the open market, Rafael Soriano's hefty price tag may keep him from being signed to the Chicago White Sox. MLB Trade Rumors reports that the White Sox aren't likely to sign the free agent unless his price drops. The south side franchise was reportedly looking at the reliever early in the month but they've since moved on. (