Word on the Street: Bull vs bullfighter

Word on the Street: Bull vs bullfighter

Thursday, Sept. 29, 2011

Bull vs bullfighter

Bulls MVP Derrick Rose has commercial for his new Adidas shoes, AdiZeroRose 2. The commercial is set in Madrid in a bullfighting arena and Roseis the Bull. He dribbles in between two bullfighters that are trying totake him down. Then, he puts some And1 moves on a few more bullfighters rightbefore driving in for the dunk on a hoop. It's another classic Rose Adidas ad. The shoe will beavailable Oct 6. (Chicago Tribune)
Ben Wallace arrested for drunk driving and weapon charges

Former Bulls center Ben Wallace was arrested over the weekend for erratic driving. Wallace lives in Bloomfield Hills, Detroit and was pulled over around 3 a.m. Saturday while driving a 2007 Cadillac Escalade. When township police searched his car an unloaded pistol was found in a backpack without permit. Wallace was also given a breathalyzer test which showed a blood alcohol count above .08. Wallace's bond is set at 5,000.(ProBasketball Talk)

Marlins offered Morrison for Ozzie?

Chicago White Sox initially offered a deal to the Marlins which consisted of Logan Morrison for Ozzie Guillen. But, the White Sox don't have much leverage in this trading situation. Thanks to general manager Ken Williams the Sox still ended up with potential successors for Guillen. (Hardball Talk)

Strike 3 for Quade

Cubsmanager Mike Quade has been comfortable saying that he knows he is goingto be back next season, but not anymore. The stubborn optimist finally cameto terms with the likeliness that he will not with the Cubs for the2012 season. If Quade leaves then so may his staff. (Bleacher Nation)

Smith is better

BlackhawksMarian Hossa and Patrick Kane did a great job Wednesday at the UnitedCenter against the Red Wings. That was their first game in thepreseason and they each scored a goal. It was phenomenal win, but therewere terrible losses. Viktor Stalberg left during the first period due to a leginjury and Ben Smith was out with a head injury in the third. Stalberg could be out for three weeks.(Chicago Tribune)
Urlacher still respects Payton

FormerChicago Bears superstar Walter Payton's recent exposure of his personallife in Jeff Pearlman's new book "Sweetness", left Brian Urlacher andLance Briggs with comments. Urlacher said people are trying to getattention. He continues to say, "Its not going to change my view onwhat Walter Payton was or is." And Briggs said Walter Payton is theface of the NFL, "to think that people are without flaws is wrong. Hewas human," said Briggs. (Chicago Tribune)

Kill is still in

Former Northern Illinois University football coach Jerry Kill was hospitalized for seizures for the second time in two weeks. However, three days later he was coaching his Minnesota Golden Gophers. After practice Kill said he fully intends to be on the sidelines this weekend. Kill said his situation is complicated but he doesn't plan on resting anytime soon. (CollegeFootball Talk)

If this is Jay Cutler's reason for quitting Instagram, honestly, it makes sense

If this is Jay Cutler's reason for quitting Instagram, honestly, it makes sense

In ethology, the term imprinting describes when an animal "narrows its social preferences to an object as a result of exposure to that object." Most commonly seen among young birds, imprinting is nature's way of forging a psychological bond between two entities. Wherever one goes, the other follows, and vice-versa. Two bits of cosmic energy, destined to be forever intertwined. 

So, about Jay Cutler's Instagram: it's gone! If you Google 'Jay Cutler Instagram' his profile still shows up, but when you click on the link it brings up a 404-page, which feels like a pretty sick joke. All of this happened so fast that it's hard to keep up (not too hard though lol don't worry), and today we've apparently learned the why  behind everything. According to Page Six, E! News,, Us Magazine, and, Jay deleted the account after catching too much flak on Instagram for a picture his ex-wife, Kristin Cavallari, recently posted. It may surprise you to learn that the comments section still sucks?: 

"A source tells E! News, 'In the wake of the photo, Jay was getting a lot of heat on social media. He was over it and deleted his account,'" a recent article reads. "It's unclear what type of comments were being made to Jay, as his account was wiped from the social media app all together."

This is just a stark reminder that Jay Cutler doesn't need Instagram. Instagram needs Jay Cutler, I need Jay Cutler's Instagram, but Jay Cutler doesn't care about any of that. Jay Cutler cares about chickens and motorcycle rides with the lads and leaning back in adirondack chairs with an expensive cigar. If I had Jay Cutler's life I would not be on Instagram, or any social media, or anyone's radar. Don't cry that it's over, smile that it happened. 

Cubs by the numbers: Key stats behind club's best start in over 50 years

Cubs by the numbers: Key stats behind club's best start in over 50 years

True or false: The last time the Cubs won a championship, they started 27-5.

False. The 2016 Cubs started 25-7. 

That 27-5 mark is what the Cubs' record through 12 games in this 60-game season equates to in a normal season. They're off to a 10-2 start, and each game this year is equivalent to 2.7 in a normal season.

One can debate the significance of that 27-5 mark, but what's certain is the Cubs are already 20 percent through their schedule and are off to a hot start. Their record is one of many impressive figures through the first fifth of the season. 

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Here's a few others, entering Thursday's game against the Royals.

28 — The number of runs the Cubs have scored in the seventh inning or later this season, tied for first in MLB with the Padres.

10-2 — The Cubs are off to their best 12-game start since 1969, when they started 11-1 (11-2 after 13 games). The 1907 and 1934 teams also started 10-2, and the 2016 team started 9-3. 

7 — Alec Mills, Kyle Hendricks and Yu Darvish have each pitched seven innings against the Royals this week. According to the team, it’s the first time Cubs starters have thrown at least seven innings in three straight games against one team since Sept. 19-21, 2016 (Reds; Jason Hammel, Jon Lester and John Lackey). 

They haven’t thrown 7+ four straight times against one team since April 21-24, 2014 (Diamondbacks; Travis Wood, Hammel, Jeff Samardzija, Edwin Jackson).

3 — The number of Cubs managers, including David Ross, to win nine of their first 12 games managing the team. Albert Spalding (10-2 in 1876) and Cap Anson (11-1 in 1879) also accomplished the feat.

1.95 — Cubs starters have the best ERA in baseball entering Thursday. Their 0.81 WHIP also is No. 1 among all 30 teams. 

0.71 — Tyler Chatwood’s ERA through two starts, best among Cubs starters. He’s allowed a single earned run in 12 2/3 innings entering his outing on Thursday.

0 — The most important figure. The Cubs have had zero players test positive for COVID-19 since testing began ahead of Summer Camp.