Friday, April 15, 2011

Canucks fans channel spirit in Cee-Lo Green mashup

Some people (ahem, Puck Daddy) find this fan remake of Cee-Lo Green's hit "Forget You" entertaining. Chicagoans would say otherwise. It's called "Canucks Rule" and features four guys singing the lyrics "You see me driving 'round town for the team I love and I'm like Canucks Rule." So Blackhawks fans, where is your video response? (Puck Daddy)

Olsen: story "blown way out of proportion"

After being denied access to a high school football field, Greg Olsen is saying enough's enough. Taking to his Twitter, the Chicago Bears tight end told his side of the story:

"This HS field thing has gotten outa control. Just to get story str8. No class was on field. Met no teachers. Left when asked and called school

"Asked If I could sign paperwork or use at another time in message which wasn't returned

"Also have been to the school to speak to various classes and groups with no issue since moved in district. Blown way out proportion" (Chicago Tribune)
Cubs reliever buys home in Lincolnwood

After signing a contract extension in January, Cubs reliever Sean Marshall has purchased a 17-room, 7,400-square-foot house in Lincolnwood for 1.37 million.

The 28-year-old's home was built in 2003 and features five-bedrooms, 6.5 baths, four fireplaces, glass walls, wood beams, a theater, and a billiard room with a dumbwaiter to the kitchen.


Mashall's choice of Lincolnwood is unusual for a Cubs player, as at least seven of his teammates are area homeowners, and all own either downtown or on the North Side. (Chicago Breaking Sports)