Thursday, Sep. 8, 2011

Clutts for Bears

Fullback Tyler Clutts has been waiting for a chance to try out the fullback position. Clutts, who said he has played every position except receiver and defensive back was signed to the Browns' practice squad with two weeks to go in last year's season. "It wasnt in their plans right away but playing through the preseason allowed me to realize I have the ability to play here and be effective," said Clutts. (Chicago Tribune)

2,000 mark for Pierre tonight?

Juan Pierre is the only left handed hitter in the White Sox's lineup vs Indians tonight. Pierre needs one more hit to make it to the 2,000 mark with the White Sox. He goes up against left-hander David Huff tonight. (Chicago Tribune)

Manning may be out for the season

After consulting with half dozen doctors who all told Peyton Manning to get a cervical neck fusion, he had surgery this morning. The Colts could get Manning back in the season but it may be too late. Meanwhile, Kerry Collins is going to have to keep the team up. (ProFootballTalk)

No preseason for NBA?

The NBA preseason games aren't considered to be money makers since the teams play in different areas trying to pick up fans. Therefore the NBA owners seem like they're OK without having a preseason. It was a different story for the NFL because their lockout concerns were about saving the training camp. And the preseason games for the NFL are played in the same stadium as regular season games and the tickets are still full price.(ProBasketballTalk)