Thursday Sept. 22, 2011
NBA postpones training camp

There was no deal when both the owners and players union met on Thursday and there won't be another negotiation until next week. However, players have agreed to lower their cut to 53 percent. The league and the union have said that there is still enough time to reach a deal so the season could start on time. That same statement was not indicated in the meeting on Thursday. (AOL SportingNews)

FOX to apologize?

FOX admitted to their faulty headlines about Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler,so where's the apology? Fox's vice president of communication Dan Bellsaid Nobody tries to be more perfect than we do at Fox Sports . . . .We understand that we were wrong. OK, where's the real apology? Belldoesn't feel the need to apologize live during or before the game on Sundayagainst the Packers. He said they already apologized to the Tribune and on the The Score 670. Bell also said he thinks they've made itclear that they apologized. (Chicago Tribune)
Farewell Ramirez?

Has Aramis Ramirez taken his last at-bat for the Cubs? It seems as though the Cubs have decided to let him go as a free agent rather than picking up the option on his contract. He would come at a high price on the open market, with a batting average of .302 and 92 RBIs. He's the best third baseman on the North Side since Ron Santo. Ramirez could sign with the Tigers, Angels or Yankees. (Chicago Tribune)


Metta World Peace donates to mental charities
Metta World Peace has chosen to give away more than 500,000 to mental charities in the nation. He raised the money by auctioning his 2010 Lakers championship ring. World Peace has already donated 285,000. World Peace has a special place in his heart for the mental health of children since he had problems at 13 years old. (ProBasketball Talk)