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A handy dandy formula for every bracketologist


Mike Miller

You too can be a bracketologist! All it takes is rudimentary math skills, a link to the NCAA’s RPI and a subscription to

Just make sure you give Drew Cannon a big thank you.

When Selection Sunday nears, every college hoops site focuses on the bubble teams. Who’s in, who’s out. You know the drill. Such things are usually done by pouring over stats, schedules, charts comparing teams and a little guesswork. I think Dave Ommen uses this computer.

ANYWAY, Cannon has figured out a way to cut the workload by a factor of 10. His Easiest Bubble Solver, or EBS, simply takes a team’s rank, adds it to its RPI and lists ‘em accordingly. It has good results, too. In the last five years, it always predicted at least 62 teams of the 65-team field. (Last year it got 66 of 68.)

He has a list of teams, ranked 41-60 here. That list corresponds with this aggregated list nicely. Seems Purdue’s in pretty good shape.

Now the question is what will Dave do with all that extra free time?

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