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A plea for Big Ten -- don’t ever do divisions

For once, college hoops fans didn’t hosed. When the Big Ten announced its divisional breakdowns this week, lost amid the din was that the conference won’t use divisions for hoops.

The scheduling will be tricky, but that’s about it. Every school plays for the same league title.(exhales deeply)

For now.

That door was left slightly ajar. Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany says he sees no benefit to basketball divisions, but the league will adjust if conference leaders want them. If they do, they won’t have same divisional breakdown (seen here).

That’s super. If there’s enough demand for it, not only will they use an unappealing structure (divisions would unlikely be balanced and scheduling remains an issue), but it won’t be the same school breakdown as football. Then it’ll be confusing and suck!

Just embrace being a basketball league and figure out the scheduling. Plenty of conferences (ACC, Big 12, C-USA, Northeast) manage with 12 teams The Big East and A-10 do it with more than 12. There’s no reason the Big Ten can’t do the same.

Mike Miller’s also on Twitter @BeyndArcMMiller, usually talkin’ hoops. Click here for more.