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Big 12 dumps Beebe, does him and @DanBeebe a favor


The Big 12 – fresh off its second last-minute resuscitation in two years – parted ways with commissioner Dan Beebe Thursday, in a move that was expected, necessary and probably best for both parties.

As the conference seeks to replace Texas A&M and possibly add two more teams to get back to 12 schools, it’ll reportedly be done with former Big 8 commissioner Chuck Neinas as interim boss. Neinas’ only job should be to ensure conference security, either by upping the exit clauses so not one can afford to leave or by finding another way to strong-arm teams into submission.

Texas rules the roost. Get used to it everyone.

Beebe knew it and not only secured a lucrative TV contract for the entire conference, but did it by having to bend over backward for the Longhorns at the same time. As Sam Mellinger wrote in his blog, Beebe will never be known as a great leader, but “in the context he was given, trying to slap Texas not equal revenue sharing was about as easy as a fat man with pit stains getting a date with Kate Upton.”

Besides, it seems as though Beebe had a sense of humor about the whole thing.

A fake Twitter account, @DanBeebe, often was a go-to spot for humor thanks to its short bits of irreverent brilliance. I say “was” because it went out in a comedic blaze of glory Thursday that likely won’t be matched anytime soon. (Though “Community” and “Parks and Recreation” are back tonight, so there’s a chance.)

Still, it gets better. Here’s the pièce de résistance from Mellinger’s story:

My favorite Dan Beebe moment has nothing to do with his leadership or his failures or his successes. It has to do with sitting next to him at the Final Four this past year in Houston, and him asking me to pull up Twitter to look at the timeline of Fake Dan Beebe. “That guy’s funny,” the real Dan Beebe said.

Damn right, Dan. Now go enjoy a life that doesn’t entail conference realignment worries 24/7.

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