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Calipari shouldn’t apologize for cussing, he should apologize for $#@&%*! losing to ‘Bama


No. 12 Kentucky got outshot, outrebounded, outplayed and outdone during Tuesday night’s 68-66 win by Alabama. Freshmen stars Brandon Knight (5 of 15, 3 turnovers) and Terrence Jones (5 of 13, 4 turnovers) looked like, well, freshmen, particularly when the Tide surged to a 52-32 lead in the second half.

“When we get muscled and manhandled, this is what you see,” coach John Calipari lamented afterward.

It left the Wildcats (14-4) at 2-2 in the SEC East and pondering just how to win on the road.

So what’s everyone talking about today? Calipari’s language, naturally.

Nearly every message board over at contains some kind of fan debate about Calipari’s verbal ways. (See here, here, here and here.) TV cameras highlighted numerous exchanges between the coach and his players. Calipari wasn’t miked up, but even a novice lip reader could make out his words, which wouldn’t have been FCC approved.

He later tweeted an apology, both to his players and fans.

But I gotta agree with Dan Wolken – cussing isn’t something Calipari should be sorry about. The coach has always used colorful adjectives when it suited his purpose during games, including last year and this year at Kentucky. It wasn’t a problem before and shouldn’t be a problem now.

If Calipari wants to apologize for something, apologize for Tuesday night’s performance. Kentucky losing to Alabama? That just isn’t done.

And it’s certainly worth dropping an eff-bomb or 12 when it happens.

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