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Don’t make Bill Self angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

Here’s the deal: You aggravate Bill Self, you’re gonna run, status be dammed.

Marcus Morris will attest to that.

The 6-8 Kansas junior – the team’s leading scorer and third-leading rebounder – landed himself in Self’s doghouse for lackluster effort and a boneheaded elbow. His twin brother, Markieff, did as well to a lesser degree.

So Self ran ‘em. And ran ‘em again. After a week of double-session practices, Morris is ready to play hard the rest of his life. From Tom Keegan of the Lawrence Journal-World:

“I was thinking when I was playing, if we play hard like that, ‘Will he do that to us again?’ You can’t beat him,” he said. “So it’s almost impossible. You don’t know what to do, you know what I mean? If we play hard, will we do this again? Or should we play tired, because we practiced so much? It’s just something you’ve got to ask coach. I just hope we don’t practice like that again. Ever again.

“It was very terrible.”

That’s it? You’re a proud guy, Marcus. You won’t try to challenge Self? Even a little bit?

“No,” he said. “You can’t win. He’ll tell you that, too. You can’t beat coach, you know what I mean? He always has the last word on everything. I just hope we don’t practice like that again. Ever.”

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