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Even kindergartners pick sides in Kansas vs. Kansas State


Mike Miller

I’m guessing Thomas Robinson just heard about the 5-year-old Kansas girl who refused to color a Jayhawk drawing at school.

OK, maybe not. But it’s great story … unless you’re a Jayhawk fan.

As told by her mother, Bug Bytes blogger Julie Burton, and relayed through the Kansas City Star and Yahoo!’s Prep Rally, Emma Burton, an Olathe, Kan., resident, was supposed to be coloring in a Jayhawk as part of a class assignment. But she told the teacher she didn’t like Kansas and wanted a Powercat instead, which happens to be K-State’s logo.

The teacher got mad, Emma got scolded and her parents got involved. Here’s the exchange between Emma and Julie:

Emma, you need to color this thing. The teacher might have to send you to the principal’s office.

I don’t care. I’m not coloring it.

Hmmm…Ok. What if I make you a deal. What if I print out a Powercat and you color it purple, grey and white. Then write an apology to your teacher because you were rude. Will you agree to that?

(pouts) Fine.

Ok, but you need to color that Jayhawk for your teacher.

(silent, exhales) Fine.

You will?

Yes. But I don’t like it. And I’m wearing a K-State shirt tomorrow.

Fine. You don’t have to like it. Just do it and I want you to tell your teacher you’re sorry as well.

Emma brought the new coloring to school – which contained an apology – then trashed the thing. (I’m guessing she wasn’t too happy about Monday’s score, either.) If she’s this kind of fan now, I can only imagine how she’ll be in 13 years when she’s probably in Manhattan.

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