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Matta, Sullinger aren’t sweating Ross’ angry tweet


Mike Miller

When Ohio State freshman LaQuinton Ross tweeted his displeasure Tuesday night at not playing during a win at Minnesota, it created a mini-stir among Buckeyes fans and some college hoops media.

Hey, when someone sends “Don’t know how much longer I can take this BULL----!!!!!” it’s gonna make some noise. But it should be noted that Rob Dauster kept a cool head and said it wasn’t a big deal.

Seems Ohio State coach Thad Matta agrees. Same with sophomore center Jared Sullinger.

From the Columbus Dispatch:

Matta did not seem upset yesterday by the incident, and when asked if he even liked some of where Ross was coming from, if not how he got there, he said, “I want him hungry.

“I think ‘Q’ knows he’s got a tremendous future here, there’s no doubt about that,” Matta said. “He’s been awesome in practice.”

Apparently not awesome enough to play more, though. Ross has sat for five straight games since playing five minutes against Penn State on Jan. 25.

“I pretty much told him it’s going to be all right,” sophomore Jared Sullinger said. “Most talented players have been through something like this.

“But to put it out there in the public eye was wrong. He understood that he was wrong.

“All he can do is just get better and keep plugging away and just compete. Even though he’s not out there on the court physically, he’s helping us in practice (by) giving us his best every day.

Ross can relax a little now. Just be a little more judicious about the tweets, eh?

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