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NCAA tournament TV times, announcing pairs


Get those lame excuses ready for skipping out on work Thursday and Friday. You could duck out starting at lunch if you’re on the East Coast. But if you’re like me and West of the Rockies, just ditch the whole day. It’s easier that way.

What follows is a schedule for tip-off times for the First Four and the Thursday and Friday games, including the announcers who are calling the games Gus Johnson’s in Cleveland. Just sayin’. So plan accordingly.

(For a complete channel guide click on MyChannels at

And, as always, you could just watch the whole thing online. Or on your iPad. Or iPhone. MMOD is fantastic.

(All times ET)



6:40, truTV, Dayton -- UNC Asheville vs. UALR (Nantz/Kellogg/Kerr)
9:10, truTV, Dayton -- UAB vs. Clemson (Nantz/Kellogg/Kerr)


6:40, truTV, Dayton -- UTSA vs. Alabama St. (Gus Johnson/LenElmore)
9:10, truTV, Dayton -- Southern California vs. VCU(Johnson/Elmore)



12:15, CBS, Tampa -- West Virginia vs. UAB/Clemson (Ian Eagle/Jim Spanarkel)
12:40, truTV, Wash. D.C. -- Butler vs. Old Dominion (Tim Brando/Mike Gminski)
1:40, TBS, Denver--I Louisville vs. Morehead St. (Verne Lundquist/Bill Raftery)
2:10, TNT, Tucson -- Temple vs. Penn St. (Kevin Harlan/Reggie Miller/Dan Bonner)


2:45, CBS, Tampa -- Kentucky vs. Princeton (Eagle/Spanarkel)
3:10, truTV, Wash. D.C. -- Pittsburgh vs. Asheville/Ark-LR (Brando/Gminski)
4:10, TBS, Denver -- Vanderbilt vs. Richmond (Lundquist/Raftery)
4:40, TNT, Tucson -- San Diego St. vs. Northern Colorado (Harlan/Miller/Bonner)

THURSDAY EVENING, MARCH 17 (6:30 - Midnight)

(announcing and production teams same as day games)

6:50, TBS, Tampa -- Florida vs. UC Santa Barbara
7:15, CBS, Denver -- BYU vs. Wofford
7:20, TNT, Wash D.C. -- Connecticut vs. Bucknell
7:27, truTV, Tucson -- Wisconsin vs. Belmont


9:20, TBS, Tampa -- UCLA vs. Michigan St.
9:45, CBS, Denver -- St. John’s vs. Gonzaga
9:45, TNT, Wash. D.C. -- Cincinnati vs. Missouri
9:57, truTV, Tucson -- Kansas St. vs. Utah St.


12:15, CBS, Tulsa -- Texas vs. Oakland (Marv Albert/Steve Kerr)
12:40, truTV, Charlotte -- Michigan vs. Tennessee (Nantz/Kellogg)
1:40, TBS, Chicago -- Notre Dame vs. Akron (Spero Dedes/Bob Wenzel)
2:10, TNT, Cleveland -- George Mason vs. Villanova (Gus Johnson/Len Elmore)


2:45, CBS, Tulsa -- Arizona vs. Memphis (Albert/Kerr)
3:10, truTV, Charlotte -- Duke vs. Hampton (Nantz/Kellogg)
4:10, TBS, Chicago -- Texas A&M vs. Florida St. (Dedes/Wenzel)
4:40, TNT, Cleveland -- Ohio St. vs. UTSA/Alabama St. (Johnson/Elmore)

FRIDAY EVENING, MARCH 17 (6:30 -Midnight)

6:50, TBS, Tulsa -- Kansas vs. Boston U.
7:15, CBS, Charlotte -- North Carolina vs. Long Island
7:20, TNT, Chicago -- Purdue vs. St. Peter’s
7:27, truTV, Cleveland -- Xavier vs. Marquette


9:20, TBS, Tulsa -- UNLV vs. Illinois
9:45, CBS, Charlotte -- Washington vs. Georgia
9:50, TNT, Chicago -- Georgetown vs. Southern California/VCU
9:57, truTV, Cleveland -- Syracuse vs. Indiana St.

(Hey, Matt Norlander. I owe you big for this one. Thanks buddy.)

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