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Nevada gambling records broken during 2015 NCAA tournament

Super Bowl Betting

AP Photo


The 2015 NCAA tournament didn’t just break records for television ratings.

It records for the amount of money gambled in Vegas, too.

According to a report from, $375.5 million was bet on basketball in the month of March in Nevada sportsbooks, and roughly $260 million of that was wagered on the NCAA tournament. That number is a record, obliterating the previous record of $343.5 million, which was set in 2014.

That number is also a fraction of what was likely wagered on the NCAA tournament around the country, as it only factors in the bets made in the actual sportsbooks. How many people have bookies? How many people gamble on sports online? And, more importantly, how much money changes hands for the countless number of office pools?

There’s more.

Those sportsbooks reported a total $27.9 million in winnings, which is another state record.

Vegas always wins.