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One-and-done or less talented player? Pitt’s Dixon answers

If it’s true that great minds think alike, then this is a huge compliment to Dan Patrick.

Patrick posed that very question to Pitt coach Jamie Dixon on his show today, and Dixon provided the correct response.

DP: If I said you could have a one-and-done guy, or somebody who staying at least three years. And both contribute. The one-and-done is good enough to at least entertain the pros, the guy who’s gonna be a three-year starter for you stays there three years. Who do you take?

Dixon: You have to decide? I think you win with both. I think you can get there with both. We don’t have anything against the one-and-done guy. The one-and-done guys haven’t really won a national championship. Carmelo’s the guy that stands out. As many as there’s been, there’s been a few problems with many of them, too.

If there’s a guy good enough, we’ll take a guy who’s one-and-done guy if it’s a good kid, good character guy, good student. If they happen to be good enough to only go one year you can’t hold that against ‘em.

The more difficult question for Dixon? Reliving that loss to Butler. He and Patrick covered that, too.

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