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Two transfers, three schools -- who were those 10 guys?

Some guys spend their entire college careers searching for the perfect playing situation. Unhappy at one school? Transfer. Still unhappy? Transfer again. And some even manage to earn playing time and contribute at all three schools.

At least 10 players who played last season did just that. Dan Hanner (who’s now on Twitter) tracked the careers of those guys over at, with some interesting notes. (Click on his story for complete stats.) Among them:

  • Alex Legion (Kentucky, Illinois, Florida International) basically got two years of playing time for his trouble, but never really made an impact until FIU. Either Isiah Thomas was the answer, or he just never belonged in a BCS conference.
  • Mike Gerrity (Pepperdine, Charlotte, USC) started on one coast, went to the other and back again. By the time he finished he played more minutes and was a more efficient player, but didn’t win as many games.
  • Kenneth Cooper (Oklahoma State, Louisiana Tech, UAB) ended up a winner, but didn’t produce much.

Then there’s Lamar Roberson (Houston, UNLV, Louisiana-Lafayette). Why bolt from UNLV? I’ll let Dan sum it up. But it gets to the heart of the matter, much like Luke Winn’s project from earlier this summer did: Sometimes a transfer is simple, strange and a little sad.

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