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‘Real World’ drama sucks in Miss St. forward

Everyone’s got a favorite season of MTV’s “The Real World.” If they don’t, they’re either lying or never watched MTV. Even then, it’s hard not to have a favorite. I was always partial to Season 3 (San Fran) and Season 9 (New Orleans). Loved watching Puck make a fool of himself and everyone do the same in the Big Easy.

Good to know things haven’t changed.

The latest season features a return to New Orleans, with an added bonus for college hoops fans: Mississippi State forward Kodi Augustus is caught in a love triangle.

The entire episode can be watched here, or you could turn to The Dagger’s Jeff Eisenberg for a marvelous recap, complete with still photos and commentary. (Then you don’t have deal with commercial breaks.)

The short, short version? It was all “mad awkward.”

Nothing ever changes on “The Real World.”

Mike Miller’s also on Twitter @BeyndArcMMiller, usually talkin’ hoops. Click here for more.