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Report: Miykael Faulcon knew PJ Hairston, not Fats Thomas

PJ Hairston

Over the weekend, Eric Prisbell of USA Today blew the lid off of the PJ Hairston controversy when he dug up a second link between North Carolina’s leading scorer and Haydn “Fats” Thomas.

If you’ve forgotten already -- or if you spent the Fourth of July weekend in a burger and beer induced slumber -- Prisbell found that Hairston was cited for speeding in a car that was rented by a woman who just so happens to share an address with Thomas. That’s a problem, because Thomas was the guy that rented the car that Hairston was pulled over while driving with a suspended license. Hairston was also charged with possession of marijuana and a gun was found outside the car when he was pulled over.

Oh, and should I mention that Hairston has also been linked with the same agent that was involved with Ben McLemore last season?

Now, the case that Thomas is making is that he doesn’t actually have a relationship with Hairston of the UNC players, he just knows them -- and has been photographed with them and interacted with them on twitter -- because he throws parties and those UNC players like to go to parties. That’s a tough defense to buy.

But now there’s another twist. Thomas said that he didn’t loan the 2013 Yukon he rented to Hairston, he loaned it to a kid named Miykael Faulcon who plays basketball for a Division II school called Elizabeth City State University and hails from Durham. Well, Prisbell spoke to Faulcon’s mother, and this is what she had to say:

Trudy Ransom, Miykael Faulcon’s mom, says her son has “no relationship” with Fats Thomas, adding, “I have no idea why he keeps saying that.”

— Eric Prisbell (@EricPrisbell) July 9, 2013

I asked Faulcon’s mom how her son wound up in the Fats-rented Yukon with PJ Hairston. “My son is a friend of PJ Hairston,” she said.

— Eric Prisbell (@EricPrisbell) July 9, 2013


That certainly isn’t a good look for a UNC program that is already dealing with the fallout from an academic scandal that the NCAA has yet to make a move on.

I wonder what Roy Williams has to say about all this?

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