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SEC might be pulling a fast one

The SEC may finally address its basketball disparity.

The East division - Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, South Carolina and Georgia -- continually fields stronger teams, yet those teams don’t get an advantage during the conference tournament. Last season, the East was 27-9 against the West and had three of the four semifinalists. All four NCAA tournament teams were from the East. Since the division format, the West has won the SEC tourney just five times.

So what’s the option?

It might scrap its divisions and put all 12 teams together for the regular season. It also might keep the divisions and seed the teams Nos. 1 through 12 for the postseason tournament.

Then again, this may be about more than just basketball. The guys over at Rush the Court speculate that it could be a preemptive move by SEC officials to prepare for an expansion of some sort. Consider this:

By removing the divisions in basketball and testing possibilities with respect to scheduling and so forth, the SEC would be in better organizational position to accept its new members if or when that ever comes to pass. If you’re Florida State fan or Texas fan hoping that the call comes from the SEC someday, this seemingly small initiative could actually signal much greater changes down the line.

Are they reading too much into it? Maybe. But now we won’t be surprised, eh?

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