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Pick the SEC or Pac-10? Can I pass?


Take heart, SEC fans. The dregs of your conference (read: the West division) may be dragging down your reputation, but it could be worse.

You could be the Pac-10.

Every league has a few missteps during non-conference play. As this column from the Lexington Herald-Leader’s Mark Story recounts, the Big Ten, Big East, Big 12 and ACC all have schools that have lost to non-BCS teams. (A “bad” loss. Take it at face value for now.)

But the SEC and Pac-10 seem to be vying for who can have more.

The 12 SEC schools have 14 losses to non-BCS schools and is 72-28 overall. The 10 Pac-10 schools have 17 and is 57-31 overall. Oddly enough, the Pac-10 is slightly ahead of the SEC in conference ratings, but is 7th – behind the SEC and the Mountain West – in Sagarin’s ratings.

If all of this feels like familiar territory, you’d be correct. But it’s finals week. Any news gets elevated this week.

UPDATE: Turned out to be a timely post after all once No. 7 Tennessee lost to Oakland (Mich.) Tuesday night. Score one for the Pac-10!

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