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Shooting for perfection? An Iowa State guy already did

Scott Christopherson turned in a perfect game last week. Not that he didn’t make any mistakes during a 91-43 win against Drake, but his shooting was perfect. He made all 11 field-goal attempts, hit all five shots beyond the arc and was 2 for 2 from the free-throw line.

See? Perfect.

Yet this perfection isn’t a first. Asher Fusco of Basketball Prospectus catalogued every “perfect” game that was similar to Christopherson’s (an 11-for-11 night) since the 2007-08 season.

Nine games – though only San Diego State’s Billy White was as “perfect” as Christopherson; everyone else missed at least one free throw – in all, including two in the same game! LSU’s Magnum Rolle (23 points, missed 1 FT) and South Carolina State’s Jason Johnson (31 points, hit 9 of 15 FTs) both had 11-for-11 nights opposite each other on Jan. 24 of 2009.

Still, only nine players have done this in the past three years? Perfection is hard to attain.

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