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Simon Cowell shudders at Junior Cadougan’s singing

When is one thing not like the other? When Junior Cadougan tries to sound like Mariah Carey.

The Marquette junior did his best to butcher a “Name That Song” feature for the school (a player comes on the video board during a game, the crowd laughs, etc.) and played his part to perfection.

Listen here. Now, listen to the original. I doubt even Paula Abdul would be kind to Cadougan’s rendition of “Always Be My Baby”.

Bravo to Cadougan … for what’s sure to be a crowd favorite. Eamonn Brennan has more on the details and the teammates laughing during the singing:

According to Marquette spokesman Scott Kuykendall, the Golden Eagles filmed this year’s hits in a practice gym, where guard Jake Thomas and forward Jamil Wilson were on hand to witness Cadougan’s effort. … Kuykendall said that when Cadougan finished, the junior guard said he thought he had done pretty well. Apparently Wilson and Thomas’ laughter wasn’t enough of a hint.

Cadougan can’t sing like Mariah. But hey, who can? Besides, can Mariah do this?

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