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Someone forgot to proofread John Calipari’s key to the city plaque


Winning a championship usually means receiving honors outside of the actual trophy for many in the world of sports, and that was no different for Kentucky head coach John Calipari as he embarked on his tour of the Commonwealth with the national title.

One of his first stops was the city of Pikeville, located just over 140 miles away from Lexington in the southeast corner of the state.

And to mark Calipari’s arrival the city decided to give him a key to the city. No problem with that at all.

But there were two glaring spelling errors on the plaque, with “the” missing the “e” and the confusion of “its” with “it’s”.

Not sure how often the head coach visits Pikeville, but in their one shining moment (sorry) someone didn’t get the job done. And that’s a shame.

Whether this falls on the person who came up with the words for the plaque or the engraver is up for discussion but either way someone had to catch this, right?

It’s likely a safe assumption that Calipari will receive a key with the corrected paragraph in the very near future.

h/t to Deadspin

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