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The lament of NYC basketball

Here’s a damming statement about New York City hoops: “Memphis, Atlanta, Baltimore, D.C., Chicago, they’re all producing better players than New York right now,” says Jerry Meyer, national recruiting analyst for

That’s from this AP feature on the state of the game in what was once the center of college basketball. It’s an interesting read and covers the reasons why things have gone downhill.

Part of me wonders if people really care, though. (Well, people not named Steve Lavin.) College hoops is a national game with hotspots in college towns and basketball centers. That hasn’t been true for some time in NYC. The good players get out of town and head to basketball schools to prep for the college game.

The guys who stay? They’re not the nation’s best.

Still, not all New Yorkers have despaired.

“I don’t think the cupboard is bare, but there needs to be a reassessment,” NYC native and former Tar Heel Kenny Smith says. “We’re down, but we’re not out. We’re more like a redshirt freshman than a guy who can’t make the team.”

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