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Throwback Thursday: Vince Carter’s top 50 UNC dunks

Vince Carter might be the greatest in-game dunker of all-time, and that ability didn’t just happen to show up when he reached the NBA.

The dude was ridiculous in college as well. I mean, for starters, he had enough dunks in his three seasons in college to put together a top 50 list. That’s impressive, but not quite as impressive as some of the dunks in that top 50.

It starts out a bit slow, but things really get going around the two-minute mark. Imagine if VC played in the twitter-era. My timeline would be nothing but vines of his ridiculously athletic plays.

To get a true sense of just how scary athletic Vince was back then, watch the defenders in this vine:

Yeah, they want no part of that.

That’s what you call respect.