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Time for a trick-shot game of H-O-R-S-E

The guys from Dude Perfect have some competition. And honestly, the competition features a more intuitive name for making trick shots.

Legendary Shots, an Alabama-based group who sets up basketball hoops in various locations, pulled off what may be the longest shot ever made, even longer than when Dude Perfect sunk it from the third deck of Texas A&M’s football stadium.

Birmingham’s Vulcan Monument has a 124-foot pedestal that overlooks the city and has a park below. So the Legendary Shots guys set up a hoop about 150 feet from the monument’s base.

After nearly two hours, 17-year-old Evan Sellers finally nailed the shot. It was under a bit of pressure, too.

As recounted by The Dagger’s Jeff Eisenberg, the group only had permission to shoot from the tower for two hours. Sellers made it with 10 minutes to spare.

Was it longer than the Dude Perfect shot? It’s up for debate. All I know is that both groups do this for fun, not for profit. So why not set up a trick-shot game of H-O-R-S-E? Travel to various locations, get some sponsors and TV stations involved and make the thing one big party.

I wouldn’t be the only one watching.

Mike Miller’s also on Twitter @BeyndArcMMiller, usually talkin’ hoops. Click here for more.