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UConn’s Ryan Boatright cleared to play vs. Notre Dame


Mike Miller

Ryan Boatright won’t be suspended.

Well, anymore.

As Kevin Duffy, a UConn beat writer, first reported, the Huskie’s freshman point guard will be allowed to play tomorrow against Notre Dame after being reinstated by the NCAA. Duffy also provided a thorough timeline of Boatright’s eligibility issues. It begs the question: if a player wasn’t suspended, why does he have to be reinstated? That makes sense, right?

I have a lot of issues with the NCAA, but perhaps the biggest problem I have is their standard of proof: these kids are essentially deemed guilty until they prove themselves innocent. That may not be the actually terminology that the NCAA uses, but Boatright was, in the end, cleared by the NCAA and he still had to miss three games because UConn didn’t want to risk using an ineligible player.

Why is standard of proof an issue?

Once again, Boatright is the perfect example.

The source of the NCAA’s information -- on both this issue and the plane ticket Boatright received from an AAU coach -- in this matter is the ex-boyfriend of Boatright’s mother. You heard that right. In an effort to get revenge (I’m assuming its revenge, because no one would potentially ruin the career of a talented 18 year old for fun, right?) for whatever it is that caused their split, this man is able to toy with Boatright, his family and the UConn team.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that its not a coincidence that these latest allegations surfaced the same day that UConn was playing at Notre Dame and more than 400 friends and family members were in attendance.

And what happens the next time this guy gets jealous? What if he happens upon Boatright’s mom while she in on a date? Will this kid be the one to pay the price again?

The good news is that Boatright, for now, seems to be in the clear, although he and his family are going to have to repay $4,500 to a charity. Its huge news for the Huskies, as Jim Calhoun’s club has been sliding of late. They lack leadership and their offense has a tendency to get stagnant when Shabazz Napier is dominating possession of the ball.

Boatright appeared to be the answer when he returned from his first suspension. Will he be when he gets back from this one?