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Wall’s lasting Kentucky influence? He was cool

It only took one year for John Wall to make his mark on Kentucky sports. The electrifying point guard helped reestablish the ‘Cats as one of the nation’s elite teams as they won 35 games and reached the Elite Eight.

The guy hit game-winning jumpers, launched a dance craze and ended up as the No. 1 pick in the NBA draft. Small wonder he was named the Lexington Herald-Leader’s Kentucky Sportsman of the Year.

But was one year enough to make him the “coolest” athlete in Kentucky history?

I have no clue. But columnist Mark Story took a whack at determining the athlete who had the most “style, swagger, and was unique enough to catch the zeitgeist.”

Guys like Derek Anderson and DeMarcus Cousins made the Top 25, while Jamal Mashburn and Rex Chapman made the Top 10.

Wall? Sorry. He got beat out by Sonny Collins, the running back with the Afro wigs and fur coasts who “was 1970s cool to the 100th power.”

So glad I wasn’t around in the ‘70s..

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