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We now resume our usual programming

Well. That was an excellent two-week vacation.

Some of youmay have noticed this blog was been dormant the last two weeks. Nada on the NBA draft, player news and random summer stuff. That’s what happens when your first child - a daughter! - is born on Father’s Day.

I didn’t spend the last two weeks smoking celebratory cigars (mostly changed diapers and helped feed the little lady), but I did miss blogging.

So, starting today, Beyond the Arc gets back into the swing of things. Expect more of the usual from me: 2-3 posts a day, Sunday through Thursday, with the occasional Friday and Saturday items.

And I promise to keep the daughter references to a minimum. No need to start playing that angle (even if she is a delight).

Mike Miller’s also on Twitter, usually talkin’ hoops. Click here for more.