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Who’s ready for the ‘Lehigh Beat Duke’ rap?


Mike Miller

How best to commemorate Lehigh’s historic NCAA tournament win against Lehigh?

Make a t-shirt? Done.

How about a rap?

Courtney Leffall – D.J. Hump, a 2007 Lehigh grad – produced this freestyle rap and video. The chorus needs work, but perhaps keeping it simple is best.

My favorite lines?

“When we won, we just played it cool.
Duke? That was my safety school.”

Also, this made me smile, mostly ‘cause I saw the tweet.

“Extra, extra read about it.
You know you made it big when Justin Bieber tweet about it.”

Better than the Murray State Racers anthem, but still behind Teach Me How to Jimmer. Then again, neither of those were about a 15 seed beating a 2 seed, with that 2 being Duke. Maybe Lehigh wins. Again.

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