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Why President Obama loves his hoops


Ready for the First Fan’s bracket to take center stage?

President Obama’s NCAA tournament picks have been one of the ongoing stories from the last three years. What can I say? The president loves his hoops. And we love to read about his love.

So why is Obama a huge fan? There are multiple reasons, all of which are on display in this slideshow from BLTWY. Here’s an excerpt:

Symptoms of the madness are easy to spot: Brackets hung on cubicle walls, a resurgence of college-themed apparel and crazy smack talking. While a large percentage of Americans fall victim to the hysteria, few are as mad about March as President Obama. Click through to find out why Obama’s love of the NCAA Tournament rivals even Dick Vitale’s.

He picked North Carolina in ’08 and ’09 and went with Kansas last year. This year, I’m betting he picks Ohio State as his champ.

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