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Brian Kelly says Notre Dame is close to beginning return plan (video)

Editor’s note: Doug Farmer is still out for the time being, but the Notre Dame season is actually starting to take shape. Here coach Brian Kelly talks about the plan for the season.

Joining “Lunch Talk Live with Mike Tirico” on Tuesday afternoon, Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly said that the Fighting Irish are close to beginning Phase 1 of the return plan, which is scheduled to begin on June 18. The team has experienced virtually three months of inactivity due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent cancellation of spring practice and formalized weight training and conditioning.

“When we bring the team, health is at the forefront of what we do. But we’re gonna have to gradually get this football team back to a conditioning level that is effective for playing this game of football, and it’s going to take us a lot of time,” Kelly said.

Kelly stated that Phase 1 will require all players flying back to campus to undergo a 7-day quarantine and all players driving back to campus will be forced into a 3-day quarantine at the Morris Inn on the South Bend campus before voluntary workouts are scheduled to begin on June 22. All players will be tested for COVID-19 on June 19.

“As we work through this process, we wanna put a football team in the weight room, in conditioning that has tested entirely. Then we go to work on CDC protocols,” said Kelly.

During his appearance with Tirico, Kelly also touched on the topic of George Floyd, specifically how his players initially felt after learning about his death, and the formation of a unity council that has been instituted on the football team.

“Our team was, at first, angry, they were confused, there were a lot of raw emotions, and you wanna get those out, and give your football team a platform where they can speak, they can talk, and most importantly, where they can be heard and then have actionable things take place. Talking about it is the first step, but it can’t be the last step.”

Watch the full Brian Kelly interview from “Lunch Talk Live with Mike Tirico” via the video above or on the NBC Sports YouTube channel.