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Camp highlights: Day Four

With Notre Dame’s time in Culver winding down, our friends at gave us another morsel from training camp. Let’s over-analyze it!

0:10 — Need a young receiver to step up? Equanimeous St. Brown would like to throw his hat in the ring. The 6-foot-4 speedster, who opened up plenty of eyes in training camp last year, connects with DeShone Kizer on a well-thrown, back-shoulder deep ball.

For every positive there’s a not-so-positive, and in this case it’s freshman Julian Love (#27) getting beat. Stick with it kid. Love has been good thus far in camp, with all reports from those who had a look at Notre Dame’s open practice saying he was running as the No. 2 nickel back.

0:18Andrew Trumbetti seems to get the better of Alex Bars coming around the edge. The junior seems to have lost the starting job to Jay Hayes, but might be the closest thing to a pass rusher this defensive front has until Daelin Hayes can get up to speed.

0:25 — That’s CB1 vs. WR1 and it looks like Torii Hunter got the better of Cole Luke. After some jostling, Hunter hit the breaks as Luke flies by, snatching DeShone Kizer’s pass from his shoe tops, just as it nearly hit the turf.

0:35 — I’m a sucker for the pass-coming-straight-at-the-camera-into-the-net-shot. Here’s Malik Zaire throwing a bullseye.

0:39 — Time to give it up for Mark Harrell (#75). He hasn’t gotten a lot of ink around these parts, but he certainly earned the praise of his head coach during the opening press conference.

“Without Harrell, we’re in trouble. That guy is, he’s worth his weight in gold for us, because he can play almost every position on the offensive line,” Kelly said. “So he gives us the flexibility to virtually do everything. He’s our utility guy that can play guard, center, tackle, a little bit of everything. He’s invaluable to us on the offensive line right now.”

Harrell does a nice job standing his ground against Jarron Jones, who is still working his way into game shape. One thing is certain: Jones is a big man.

0:44 — On the move, Malik Zaire delivers a strike to CJ Sanders, who breaks away from Shaun Crawford (#20) on a 2nd-and-short conversion. From the looks of it, that was man coverage with Zaire rolling away from Max Redfield coming off the edge in a blitz. Nice throw and conversion.

0:52 -- Put Tony Jones Jr. on the “better-than-advertised” list of camp surprises. The freshman has earned the praise of Brian Kelly already, has a nice hop in his step and has been very steady catching the football.

Last video, we saw Dexter Williams look like a thoroughbred running free in the secondary. Using football’s version of the transitive property, Mike Denbrock got Jones mixed up with Williams when the freshman spelled him after some cramping. That’s a good sign that Jones is another good find for a running back depth chart that is sneaky-good.

(I’m not sure my high school geometry teacher approves this usage of the transitive property.)

0:58 — It wouldn’t be state-run TV without equal opportunity for both quarterbacks. After seeing a nice play by Zaire, here’s an in-rhythm strike thrown by Kizer to Chase Claypool (#83), with the freshman getting inside classmate Troy Pride Jr. (#18).

This freshmen trio of wide receivers has a chance to be very, very special.

1:07 — There’s Shaun Crawford winning a rep against CJ Sanders getting a hand on a quick throw as the slot corner wins a battle with Notre Dame’s starter at Z.

1:11 — Here’s a gratuitous shot of DeShone Kizer doing something cool. Feels eerily similar to the shot of Iceman spinning a volleyball on his finger in Top Gun. This is a definite trailer moment.

(Love that he jogs off like, “Nothing special.” Kinda like never looking back at the explosion in a movie.)