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Camp highlights: Day Two

More practice, more highlights. Definitely more fun that analyzing spring depth charts or working my way through the roster.

Let’s dig into these snaps—and see if we can get anything special out of the video. (Anybody else digging the slo-mo? Feels like we’re watching a 90s action movie.)

0:17 — Malik Zaire running with Tarean Folston and what looks like the No. 2 offense against the No. 1 defense. He throws one low-and-away to Nic Weishar who makes a tough catch in front of Nyles Morgan.

0:21 — Slo-mo DeShone Kizer, barking like Joe Kane from The Program. (If that’s Josh Anderson in the backfield, he’s likely telling a young freshman receiver where to line up.)

He throws a strike to Corey Holmes on a slant, underneath freshman Jonathan Jones (#45), with cornerback Nick Coleman (#24) and freshman safety Jalen Elliott (#21) giving chase. Special credit to Brandon Tiassum (#77) for chasing the fastest receiver on the Irish roster.

0:31 — Meet Quenton Nelson. He’s a bad dude, working against sophomore Elijah Taylor (#58) on one-on-one pass rush drills. Taylor’s not much of a match, but then again, that’s not his game.

0:38 — Senior Cole Luke had this one diagnosed before Miles Boykin (#81) made his break. He got a little handsy before fighting for the football like it was his all along. I even dig the extra swagger at the end.

0:47 — Oh so THAT’S the Jerry Tillery that gets everybody excited? The guy who can bend and get underneath a 6-foot-2 center (Sam Mustipher) even if he’s a haircut shy of 6-foot-7. Yes, he’s got to keep his feet if he wants to sack a quarterback. But it’s a solid rep by a young player we may all be selling a bit short.

0:54 Scott Booker, slo-mo coaching.

0:57Drue Tranquill running the cones. He’s healthy and projected as Notre Dame’s starting strong safety.

1:02 — I had to go to the roster and wonder who took No. 2, and then realized it was Dexter Williams. He’s galloping free in the Irish secondary, with Ashton White (#26) trying to chase him down. If Williams is the home run hitter we keep hearing about, they’re going to definitely find some snaps for him.

1:13 — Good vs. Good. That’s Mike McGlinchey and Isaac Rochell squaring off. Two very large men working on the edge, with Rochell trying to use some speed to get around the edge. Giving that rep to the Glinch.

1:16 — Want to get excited? Show me a rep where Canadian freshman freak Chase Claypool goes vertical, leaving Ashton White (his eyes playing the curl) in the dust. White does a nice job catching up, but can’t turn around, then Claypool finishes the catch to make it a 50-yard gain, not just a 15-yard flag.