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Clausen reportedly in late night scuffle

We’ll find out more tomorrow when Charlie Weis addresses the media, but multiple media sources are reporting that quarterback Jimmy Clausen was involved in a fight late Saturday/early Sunday morning outside a South Bend bar.

First reported by David Kaplan of Chicago WGN-AM radio, the Chicago Tribune’s Brian Hamilton has more of the details.

Starting quarterback and team captain Jimmy Clausen was involved in an altercation outside a South Bend, Ind., bar in the hours following a double-overtime loss to Connecticut on Saturday, taking a punch to the face in the incident, sources told the Tribune.

The Irish QB suffered at least one black eye as a result of the punch, according to a source. A spokesman for Charlie Weis said he could not reach the Irish coach for comment Monday night.

A South Bend police spokesman said Monday no police reports were filed over the weekend that involved Clausen.

Details of the brouhaha vary greatly, from Kaplan’s original report, to Hamilton’s story, to Joe Schad reporting on Twitter at that Clausen was “sucker-punched in the face outside a South Bend eatery,” which would fit, because I’d hardly call C.J.'s the scene for a late-night bar fight.

I tend to believe that the truth, as it always does, lies somewhere in the middle. Either way, it’s not the situation you want the captain of your team to find himself in at two in the morning the night after a loss probably sealed the fate of your head coach.

It’ll be interesting to see how ESPN runs this this story. They could play it up like the overblown beer pong photos or talk about how sad it is that someone would be a big enough jerk to fight the starting quarterback of the football team in his own college town the night of a devastating loss.

Either way, here’s hoping Jimmy’s fine and ready to play well against Stanford. I can’t imagine, barring video evidence of Clausen taking a stool to a guy or getting into an Anchorman like brawl, that he’d be suspended for this one.