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Cliff Notes guide to the case against Charlie

I’m not here this morning to change anyone’s opinion. Most of us have made up our mind on what the fate of Charlie Weis should be. But if I have a complaint, it’s when the big dogs come out and weigh in on a coach under fire.

Dan Shaughnessy, one of the finest sportswriters in the land, decided that “after a promising start, it’s clear Charlie Weis is done at Notre Dame.” And that proclamation was the cover story on Sports Illustrated’s website.

I’ve got nothing on Shaughnessy as a writer, he’s probably gotten lost on his way to more big games than I’ve ever seen, but if I’m supposed to believe that Shaughnessy’s opinion on Charlie Weis’ job means more than the average Notre Dame fans, then I’m lost.

His new column over at is your basic Cliff Notes to the Weis must go argument, and for a writer as good as Shaughnessy, he might as well have delivered this one with a Forever Stamp.

In a trim 800 words, Shaughnessy regurgitated the same tired facts:

* Weis has the same record as Bob Davie.

* Weis has the same winning percentage that Ty Willingham had.

* Weis’ best game was a loss to the mighty 2005 USC Trojans.

* Weis lost to Navy two weeks ago. “Navy! In South Bend!”

Listen, I’m not arguing the merits of this case, I’m just complaining that something this tired and played out can be spit out by a writer so esteemed, and then slapped up as the header on one of the most prestigious websites about sports.

When a guy like Shaughnessy, who probably hasn’t actually sat down and watched a Notre Dame game this season, reheats the major talking points without adding a single unique thought to the “should-he-stay-or-should-he-go” debate, it’s just a bunch of hot air.

So much for Notre Dame football being irrelevant...