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College Football in Coronavirus Quarantine: On this day in CFT history, including Alabama announcing a contract extension for Nick Saban through the 2025 season

The sports world, including college football, had essentially screeched to a halt in the spring as countries around the world battled the coronavirus pandemic. As such, there was a dearth of college football news as the sport went into a COVID-induced hibernation. Slowly, though, the game is coming back to life. Hopefully.

That being said, we thought it might be fun to go back through the CollegeFootballTalk archives that stretch back to 2009 and take a peek at what transpired in the sport on this date.

So, without further ado -- ok, one further ado -- here’s what happened in college football on July 27, by way of our team of CFT writers both past and present.

(P.S.: If any of our readers have ideas on posts they’d like to read during this college football down-time, leave your suggestions in the comments section. Mailbag, maybe?)


THE HEADLINE: Florida, Miami, Arizona, Hawaii open practice as college football begins
THE SYNOPSIS: Sigh. This year, as laid out by the NCAA, summer camps won’t kick off until Aug. 7. Walk-throughs and meetings, however, began this past Friday. So college football has that going for it. Which is nice.


THE HEADLINE: Alabama announces contract extension for Nick Saban through 2025 season
THE SYNOPSIS: The Nicktator would be 74 at the end of this deal. The new deal, it should be noted, paid the Alabama head coach just over $8.7 million this past year. Those types of figures would keep anyone young.


THE HEADLINE: Twice-arrested 2018 signee leaves Florida ‘to better my opportunities’
THE SYNOPSIS: I’d say you’d better your opportunities by not getting arrested. But that’s just me.


THE HEADLINE: Clay Helton: O.J. Simpson not welcome back at USC
THE SYNOPSIS: Why wouldn’t the Trojans want to welcome back an individual who got away with murder? Allegedly, of course.


THE HEADLINE: Packers already talking another Wisconsin game at Lambeau Field
THE SYNOPSIS: Another matchup on the Frozen Tundra was indeed scheduled. Notre Dame-Wisconsin. Oct. 3 of this season. In primetime. Unfortunately, with the Big Ten going to a conference-only slate, that game has been nixed.


THE HEADLINE: Five Big 12 schools pondered Big Ten switch during 2010 realignment
THE SYNOPSIS: Those five, according to a report at the time? Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas A&M and Iowa State. The Cornhuskers, obviously, were the only ones to make the B1G move. The Aggies, of course, moved to the SEC.


THE HEADLINE: Ohio State AD: B1G expansion ‘is about money’
THE SYNOPSIS: And, in other news, water is indeed wet.


THE HEADLINE: Johnny Manziel makes news again for being Johnny Manziel
THE SYNOPSIS: The reason for this Johnny Football headline? Getting booted from a University of Texas frat party. And throwing a beer. And wearing a Tim Tebow New York Jets jersey at a different UT frat party. I miss the college football version of JFF.


THE HEADLINE: SMU players claim they were victims of theft… by a prostitute
THE SYNOPSIS: College football in the offseason, y’all!


THE HEADLINE: Boise State? No blue for you!
THE SYNOPSIS: As part of their agreement to join the Mountain West, the Broncos were forced to give up blue uniforms for conference home games.