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DaVaris Daniels: The plot thickens...

Davaris Daniels, the highly touted wide receiver from the Chicago area, (that I just so happened to write about a few hours ago) has canceled the press conference where he was slated to announce his college choice.

That choice, per multiple internet reports and the Chicago Sun-Times’ Taylor Bell, was set to be Miami. Per Bell’s report, that choice was aided by the fact that Daniels was “unable to qualify academically for admission” at Notre Dame.

As I mentioned earlier, something seemed a little fishy to me about academics being the main reason why Daniels wasn’t going to attend Notre Dame. True, admissions will never allow every prospective student-athlete to attend Notre Dame, but you’d think that this early in the tenure of Brian Kelly and the transition in the admissions office with Dan Saracino departing, that Notre Dame wouldn’t offer someone that wasn’t going to be admitted to school. Even more importantly, not every kid is fully qualified by the end of their junior year in high school, and Notre Dame will work with student-athletes to get qualified before Signing Day.

Taking this story into more bizarre territory is a comment from someone proclaiming to be Phillip Daniels, DaVaris’ father. (From people I’ve talked to that should know, they believe it is a legit comment.) Phillip, a 13-year veteran in the NFL, refuted the claim that DaVaris isn’t academically eligible, while also taking issue with just about everything else Bell wrote.

For what it’s worth, the younger Daniels still wears a Notre Dame t-shirt on his Facebook profile, and reportedly plans on taking his official visits this fall instead of committing this summer. All in all, just another one of those crazy U-turns that remind me why I don’t spend more time covering college recruiting.

(It’s also probably not the brightest moment in the Sun-Times’ history, considering that Bell not only jumped the gun by nearly a day on a teenager’s moment in the sun, but also claimed it was because DaVaris couldn’t make the grade.)

I’m sure there’ll be more to come...