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If SEC expands, Auburn okay moving to SEC East

The whole Big 12 litigation issue aside -- and that’s not meant to downplay the importance of it at all -- the SEC has plenty of legal and structural processes to work through to become at least a 14-team conference.

There’s the matter of deciding who the other future member(s) will be besides Texas A&M and having a majority vote (at least nine chancellors/presidents) in favor of that candidate; ensuring that the conference isn’t committing tortious interference; re-negotiating first and second-tier television rights with CBS and ESPN, respectively; and, possibly, moving conferences members around between divisions.

That’s just a short list.

But when A&M actually joins the SEC (as it only seems like a matter of time now), any other additions could result in internal shuffling. If that’s the case, consider Auburn a volunteer to move to the SEC East.

“If that’s what it took, if you ever went to 14 (SEC members) and needed to make it work, that wouldn’t be something I would be upset about,” AU president Jay Gogue told the Birmingham News. “I don’t see any real difference. We already play Georgia, a longtime rival.”

Gogue said if the Tigers moved east, they would protect the cross-divisional rivalry with Alabama (duh).

Of course, the likely scenario of Auburn switching divisions would have to come from an addition out west. Other candidates that have been mentioned from the east have been Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Clemson and Florida State. How realistic any of those options are -- we know VT has publicly announced twice that they have not been in contact with the SEC -- is uncertain.

But someone has to be talking to the SEC behind the scenes. It feels practically unfathomable that the SEC would expand to just 13 teams without someone else involved.

Still, the question remains: who?