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Just finding us? Better late than never...

Welcome to the Inside the Irish blog. You’re a little over a week late, but we won’t hold it against you. In fact, we’ll slip you a crib sheet to help you get started. Here’s a quick look at the greatest hits of what we did in the past 8 days.


We introduced our self like Nuke LaLoosh, comparing this season to a high-stakes game of poker, while impressing everyone with our first pitch fastball.

We even took our shot at piecing together the depth chart, four days before Coach Weis decided to release it.

While most of you were sleeping, I was up late talking football and life with Kory Minor, former Irish great and now successful Domino’s Pizza owner and pitchman.

I also tracked down a real life Nevada football expert, Nevada Sagebrush Sports Editor Juan Lopez, who thinks the Wolf Pack are going to pull the upset today.

Feeling a little whimsical, I paid tribute to the greatness than it a Charlie Weis game preview press conference. It truly is an amazing feat of public speaking and memorization.

After trying to feel better about the upcoming game, I got thinking about Nevada again... and now they have me absolutely petrified.

If you’ve been gone all week, maybe you missed the story of Tom Reynolds. (Consider yourself lucky.) If you see anyone walking around the stadium with a green “Linebacker Alumni” shirt, just turn around and walk the other way. We don’t need another LaGarrette Blount situation.

Finally we had Xs and Os guru Chris Brown of break down the vaunted Pistol offense, and how defensive coordinator Jon Tenuta plans on defending it.

And here’s hoping that walk-on Brian Novak doesn’t hurt anyone else this week before the big game.

For all this, and a whole lot more, comeback and check out “Inside the Irish.”