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Kelly on the recruits: Offensive Line

Alex Bars

The dust has settled. Notre Dame’s Signing Day class is in the books. With Brian Kelly at Pebble Beach, competing in the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, let’s walk through the head coach’s comments on each position group from his introductory press conference.


BK on Alex Bars:

“Another young man that we got a chance to see in the summer, has a great pedigree, a couple of brothers that play college ball, dad played here at Notre Dame, and it’s one of the things sometimes‑‑ you know, everyone thinks, well, if the parent played here you have an easy connection.

“Sometimes it’s the most difficult, right. Dad played here, it’s an easy leap; not so much. Sometimes you’ve got to work harder to get that young man to come to Notre Dame because he wants to go off on his own sometimes.

“Alex is a young man that we think has all the gifts necessary to be a great student athlete here at Notre Dame.”

BK on Jimmy Byrne:

“Really love the way Jimmy has progressed, especially his senior year. We liked Jimmy last year. He was an early offer for us and committed, and then really had a great senior year from our standpoint. Physical, moves his feet well.

“You’re going to see that there’s an athletic component to all of these guys, and Jimmy certainly fits that, and really excited about him. He’s a great student, great young man, and a great fit for Notre Dame.”

BK on Sam Mustipher:

“I think what stood out for us with Sam was his ability to move his feet again. All these guys can be big and strong and physical, but if they can’t move their feet, if they can’t bend, if they can’t get out of their stance and do a good job and moving and bending, then we’re moving on.

“They’ve got to be good people. They’ve got to be tough, competitive kids. They’ve got to be benders. They can’t be waist benders, they’ve got to be knee benders. And again, they’ve got to be able to move their feet.”

BK on Quenton Nelson:

“I think the one thing that stands out about Q is that here’s a guy that just is relentless. He’s going to come after you play after play after play. And again, his desire to want to be great is what always stood out about Quenton is that he’s always pushing himself.

“Every time we talk to him he’s coming back from something. He plays basketball, he’s working out, he’s a guy that’s driving himself always to be the best he can be.

“One of the best players in the country at his position, but physically strong, and at 6'5", 300 pounds as a senior in high school, I mean, this kid can still move his feet and he’ll continue to work on that, and he’s a guy that is so focused on what he needs to work on, that’s what we loved about him.”