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With his future at Texas Tech potentially hinging on a special teleconference call, current Red Raider head coach Mike Leach is seemingly incredulous to the swirling rumors that his head could be ticketed for a messy meeting with the coaching guillotine.Based on comments Leach made to the Fort Worth Star-telegram, the coach would be surprised if he were fired before the start of the 2009 season. Especially given the fact that he has two years remaining on his current deal."I don’t know if that’s rumor or not, but think about how ridiculous it is,” Leach told the paper. “You’ve got two years left on your contract, you’re offered a sub-par deal based on the outside provisions, and then it’s like, ‘Take this deal.’"And then you say, ‘Nah, I’m going to go ahead and stick with my current deal.’ And they say, ‘All right, well, fine, I’ll fire you.’... We all agreed to the two years I have left, and just because I turned down [the three-year extension], how in the hell can they just fire me?"Oh, the answer to that last question is very easy, coach.Take one part asinine, mix with a liberal helping of both stubbornness and misguided righteous indignation, add a pinch of arrogance, and you have the perfect recipe for a school firing the best thing that’s happened to their football program.Ever.And, based on the reading of the tea leaves, it seems as though head chef Gerald Myers is about to make a colossal mess in his own kitchen.The question is, after this debacle, who’d want to come in and help the athletic director clean up the mess?Come Friday and the outcome of the teleconference between university officials, the whole of college football may begin to find out the answer to that question.