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Mizzou WR T.J. Moe wins first SEC media day

Uh oh. Steve Spurrier has some competition. Or a long-lost son. Either one.

The HBC did manage to land one not-so-subtle jab during his time at the podium on the first SEC media day. “You think I make the schedules?” Spurrier retorted to a question. “If I made the schedules, Georgia would be playing LSU every year and we’d be playing Ole Miss.”

Naturally, Spurrier’s comment was met with plenty of laughter.

But it was Missouri wide receiver T.J. Moe doing his best Spurrier impression on Tuesday, firing off one-liner after one-liner and becoming a social media focal point in the process.

On the image of the SEC:
“They say girls are prettier here, air’s fresher & toilet paper is thicker.”

On his first SEC media days:"
“It’s serious here. I wouldn’t be surprised if everybody was strapped with a gun here.”

On clarifying his comment:
“I am not strapped with a gun.”

On Mizzou’s location in the SEC:
“We’re about as midwest as it gets. This isn’t the Southeastern Conference….it’s the bottom right corner conference.”

On SEC defenses:
“In the Big 12, we put our best athletes on offense. [In the SEC], they put their best athletes on defense. Kansas will never have a chance to play in the SEC, (& even) they’re always hearing about how great SEC defense are.”

On A&M receiver Ryan Swope:
Apparently Ryan Swope is a god because he can come in and get first-team all-SEC. But that’s fine.”

It’s too bad Moe won’t be back for another round of SEC media days next year. The guy got a standing ovation by the media.