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More on Shaq Evans transfer

Brian Kelly met with the media after his press conference to discuss the Shaquelle Evans transfer, here’s a bit more of what he said:

“He came in yesterday and informed me that he had made a decision,” Kelly said. “This was not a two-way conversation, this was a one-way conversation.”

The lack of dialogue in the conversation was apparently Kelly’s choice.

“I am not really good at talking anybody out of staying with a football team,” Kelly said. “I’ll point out some things I think it’s important to point out. But I don’t know that my role is to talk somebody out of quitting, but maybe point out, have you considered this?

“I always will say, have you talked to your family? What are your family’s thoughts on this? If they haven’t talked to their family, that’s a red flag for me. he said he did, he talked to his family about it, and that’s why we wish him the best.”

It’s easy to guess why Evans wanted to transfer, especially after falling behind on the slot receiver position as well as finding John Goodman, TJ Jones, Michael Floyd and Duval Kamara ahead of him. That said, Kamara and possibly Floyd could be gone next year, and Evans seemed to be coming along nicely.

“We were happy with his development,” Kelly said. “He was moving in the right direction. It was going to take a little bit longer, and sometimes that’s the difference today when we’re in a society of, I want it now, I gotta have it now.

“I’m disappointed anytime we lose a player that we’ve invested a lotof time and effort with,” Kelly continued. “We’ve coached him, we spent a lot of time on his development, Coach Longo all summer. Anytime you lose a player, there’s a disappointment that it didn’t work out... I’ve been doing it for 20 years and anytime a player leaves, it’s disappointing.”

I could only imagine it to be even more disappointing five days before the season’s opening game.