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ND Gameday: Online viewing and live-blog updates are here


It’s game day folks. It only took eight full months to get around to it. Let’s proceed with a few updates for all of you.

For those wondering, we’ve got a ton of cool ways to bring you the football game.

For those unable to find their way to a TV set at 3:30 p.m. ET, we’ve got you covered with “NOTRE DAME EXTRA,” a full live-streaming simulcast of the broadcast feed in full HD quality, plus an online-only bonus camera.

The simulcast will have full DVR functionality, meaning you can pause the game, even watch things in slo-mo, and if you want to, check out some picture-in-picture action.

If you haven’t downloaded the NOTRE DAME CENTRAL APP yet, get your iTunes humming this morning. Unlike in years past, the live video will be free, and will also give you highlights, live scoring and other cool features as well.

Even cooler, for those fans of the live blog that always like to ask me, “what’s the score?” we’ve solved your problems. This year, for home games the live-blog will actually live inside the game player, so you’ll literally be able to watch my comments come in while watching the game at the same time. I know a lot of you guys already did this at home (Hi Mom!), but it should make for a more interesting blog as I won’t be hammering out play-by-play the whole time.

If you want to participate in the live blog, go get yourself to Twitter. If you’ve got a question or comment, shoot it to @Ask_NDExtra. (If you don’t know how to use Twitter, hop on YouTube right now and get a quick tutorial. You should know this kind of stuff by now anyway, all the kids are doing it.)

For those of you that grew to love Cover-it-Live, don’t worry, we’ll be back there for the Michigan game.

If you’re somewhere outside the country and around the globe looking for the game, there isn’t much we can do as we’re restricted from airing the game -- even digitally -- in markets that NBC doesn’t control.

While the video-player won’t work for you, simply go to this link and you’ll get every single update I post in real-time, so it’ll feel like you’re following along as well.

Lastly, if you want to check out a quick preview Jack Nolan and I did over at for the game, give it a look. It was about 99 degrees outside, and the fact that I wasn’t sweating through my shirt yet is a minor miracle.