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Notre Dame vs. Nevada -- Live Blog

The first ever Inside the Irish live blog... I apologize in advance for any typos, factual misrepresentation, or unnecessary movie references. Here we go...

3:42 -- Alex Flanagan explains to us that Charlie Weis will have his back to the field... I’m not really sure what to do with that.

3:43 -- Theo Riddick back to return the first kick of the 2009 season, even I’ve got butterflies. Return of about 15, and more importantly, no fumble.

3:44 -- Love the opening play call. Even if they didn’t take the deep shot, the offensive line protected and Clausen made a positive play.

3:44 -- Play number two, and the Irish get their first first down. Only 3 quarters sooner than the USC game. We Comin!!!

3:45 -- Mike Floyd had his man beat long, but Clausen missed him. This is going to be a shootout.

3:45 -- Armando Allen runs for seven. The offensive line is winning the early battle.

3:46 -- 4th and 1. The first ballsy decision of the season. Two tight-ends, and the surge gets the first down.

3:48 -- Armando Allen gets the corner... TWICE. This is really fun... 3 carries for 24 yards. Very nice.

3:50 -- Armando in the Wildcat. Where was Dan McCarthy??

3:54 -- Kyle Rudolph... TOUCHDOWN! I just proclaimed that “We’re back!” Then was quickly reminded that this was Nevada, and they had the 119th ranked pass defense.

3:56 -- The first look at the new Notre Dame defense and the vaunted Pistol offense. Kaepernick looks like Gumby had a kid with Randall Cunningham.

3:57 -- First big play by the Nevada offense. Robert Blanton might have been beaten... couldn’t tell.

3:58 -- 17 yard run, and after the 5th play of Nevada, I’m already getting sick of hearing the word pistol.

4:00 -- BRIAN SMITH ladies and gentlemen. Huge play after getting bludgeoned. Missed field goal, and we hold serve. Very nice start, and we’ve learned (and unfortunately, so has the Wolf Pack) that they can move the ball on the Irish.

4:05 -- Review time. Golden Tate made that catch... which was absolutely sick. I’m not sure if you can call that indisputable, but I’m going with Pat Haden... he was a Rhodes scholar after all.

4:06 -- Pause for a new beverage... There is no way I’m going to keep up this pace, so enjoy it while it lasts.

4:08 -- Catch one of the Golden Tate Heisman campaign. (Yeah, I said it.)

4:09 -- Phantom hold call on Bobby Burger.

4:10 -- Great conversion with Robby Paris. Rock solid playcall and design by the big man.

4:11 -- How nice is it to see a pitch play work and the Irish front win the line of scrimmage?

4:12 -- End of quarter. Man, this is fun. Irish look in control, and more importantly, have run the ball efficiently, and controlled the clock. First quarter grade: A-.

4:13 -- Beverage break.

4:15 -- MISTER MICHAEL FLOYD! I’m getting to a very good place right now.
Jimmy Clausen: 9-10, 114 yards, 2 TDs. (One excellent head of molding cream.)

4:19 -- Did Lucy pull the ball out on the kickoff?

4:22 -- Brian Smith second sack. Kaepernick hasn’t done anything great yet.

4:23 -- Nearly jinxed myself. Welcome to the party Manti Te’o. Blitzed, got covered up, then makes his first tackle. Nice play.

4:26 -- MISTER MICHAEL FLOYD! I have yet to mention that Michael Floyd went to Cretin-Derham Hall, the home of many distinguished athletes, and one Inside the Irish blogger.

4:29 -- Score update -- San Jose St. 3, USC 0. (I’m not saying, I’m just saying...)

4:31 -- Today might be almost as day a day as when I got Nintendo and Mike Tyson’s Punch-out for Christmas in 3rd grade.

4:33 -- Jimmy Clausen: 10-11, 184 yards, 3 TDs. Quarterback Rating: Infinity.

4:37 -- Dayne Crist gets a snap. You think Jimmy had to use the bathroom?

4:38 -- Eric Maust sees the field. That’s not his best effort.

4:44 -- 4th and inches. THIS is a biggie...

4:45 -- Huge Stop. That was awesome.

4:49 -- Unacceptable. Clausen missed an open receiver. Now he’s a mediocre 10-12.

4:51 -- Pretty impressive facemask. Who gets the next touchdown catch? I’m hoping for Robby Paris.

4:53 -- Nevermind. What a great run by Jonas Gray. Let’s review this...

4:56 -- Almost unfair to give it to Armando, but I’m all for it.

5:02 -- Nice series for Nevada. If you are going to support the theory that Nevada can actually win this game, it’s pretty important for them to score here.

5:04 -- Huge crack block on Darrin Walls. Welcome back to football, Darrin.

5:06 -- Garbage INT by Blanton on the Hail Mary... Gotta respect that. That’s what ballhawks do.

5:08 -- When’s the last time we’ve had a half that good? (Other than the Hawaii Bowl...) If you’re a Notre Dame fan, you’ve got to be very happy right now.

5:08 -- Catch you for the second half -- I’m going to get a food break.

5:42 -- Come follow us at the second half live blog.