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Perfect: Congress may act if Big 12 implodes

While your level of enjoyment may depend on the school colors you wear/are wearing, there’s little doubt that all of this expansion talk has been at least mildly intriguing to some and downright fascinating to watch unfold to others.

Unfortunately, turn out the lights and start cleaning up the mess. The party just might be over.

According to the Omaha World Herald -- the same paper that reported Tuesday that Nebraska could be bolting for the Big Ten by Friday -- all of this expansion talk has filtered its way to the upper reaches of government, and there’s a chance Congress could step in if the path appears to be leading to four 16-team super conferences.

Sen. Pat Roberts, a Kansas Republican, had a come-to-Jesus meeting with Sen. Ben Nelson, a Nebraska Democrat, just outside the Senate floor on Tuesday, warning his colleague that his state school doesn’t need to be the one to tip over the first conference domino.

“Don’t be the domino that blows college football up into four major conferences and gets rid of the NCAA,” a World-Herald reporter heard the Kansas senator tell Nelson. “It isn’t going to do anybody any good when those dominoes start falling.”

What would happen if college football were to be, as the esteemed linguist Emmitt Smith would put it, blowed up?

“There’s going to be a lot of litigation, and then Congress will probably try to stick its nose into it,” Roberts said. “I would prefer that that not be the case, but there have always been antitrust concerns. ...

“I think the big concern here that Congress could take a look at is how the network television contracts are driving different schools to consider different conferences to attract the money -- and those that will be in those big conferences, or super conferences, will get the money and others won’t.”

Way to piss in our punchbowl, Mr. Roberts. Thanks a lot. Appreciate it.