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Recap (Tweetcap?): Day One roundup from Irish training camp

Notre Dame Camp Football

Notre Dame players perform a pre-practice cheer during an NCAA football training camp Friday, Aug. 7, 2015, in Culver, Ind. (AP Photo/Joe Raymond)


It’s Friday evening. The Irish have practice one in the books. So let’s try something different.

While I’m not joining you from the Culver Academies, a bunch of great reporters are. And they’re throwing a bunch of good stuff on Twitter, so let’s give you a (semi-curated) look until we can dig into the video and get into it.

First, let’s set the scene at Culver, not a bad looking spot to open training camp:

And sticking with the official team coverage from Fighting Irish (drop the digital!) Media, The Jac(k) PoundJack Nolan and Jac Collinsworth—kick off the proceedings with their first Notre Dame Countdown videos.

Watch closely and you’ll get a greatest hits of offseason topics: The new running back depth chart, some impressive plays by the wide receivers. We get a nice look at a healthy Joe Schmidt and the return of KeiVarae Russell. We also get our first look at Malik Zaire, starting quarterback.



Sticking with Zaire, a few tweets that add some context to his afternoon.

Zaire, the passing quarterback (especially against air), wasn’t as accurate as Everett Golson. But this from star receiver Will Fuller, was more than telling.

Here’s Kelly on his first-year starter at quarterback, comments that Crash Davis would approve of, no doubt.
“It’s the first day for him,” explained Kelly. “He has got really good management skills. He communicates effectively. You can see for a first day, there was not a whole lot of sloppiness from an offensive standpoint in terms of false starts and things of that nature. He has a good command, a good presence. It was probably what I thought it would be on the first day.”

If we’re sticking with the quarterbacks, Tom Loy of Irish 247 shot some great practice video, including some extended looks at Zaire and also a nice collection of young players, including quarterback Brandon Wimbush.

(You also get an early look at Justin Yoon‘s leg. Sure, it’s just the practice range, but he doesn’t seem short on leg.)



This might encapsulate the many, many words of KeiVarae Russell into one tweet:

Here’s BK on Russell, his skill set and his return to the field.

“He is obviously a talented player and you could see that in one-on-ones,” Kelly. “In and out of his transitions, you can see why he is one of the better players in the country at his position.

“You’re so happy that he’s able to get past all of the things that were in front of him. He had to work hard to get back here. All of the credit goes to him, he has really had to sacrifice a lot to get back to Notre Dame, and that’s why it’s great to see him out here.”

Finally, some quick comments from Brian Kelly as he praised some of the young skill players today , interestingly mentioning one of my below-the-radar picks to click in Miles Boykin. (He also mentioned CJ Sanders, who more than a few people are understandably high on. And Jalen Guyton, who scored approximately a jillion touchdowns last year for the best high school football program in Texas.)
“I really liked a number of the receivers from Miles Boykin to CJ to Jalen Guyton, Kelly said. “I thought all of the receivers did a very nice job today. Defensive backs, I liked all of the young kids out there. They just all showed up in one-on-one today, for me, the way they competed. Breaking on the ball, it was fast, it was active and it was deep.”


And finally, here’s your play of the day, per the interwebs: