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Rivalry-gate: Where were you during these fictional games?


It’s not news, but it’s certainly funny.

Brian Kelly did his best to clear the after after his rivalry comments got people all over the place hot and bothered. Opening his weekly Tuesday press conference, Kelly laid it on pretty think when talking about the match-up

“It’s a great and historic rivalry that we’ll be playing this Saturday, so let’s get that out of the way right away so we don’t have to answer any more questions about this rivalry,” Kelly said in his opening statement. “We’re excited about the game, excited about playing it. This will be decided by the players on the field and the preparation that goes along with it so we can stick to that and dispense with the nonsense.”


Talking heads everywhere (to be fair, so far mostly on ESPN, who will both broadcast the game and have GameDay in Ann Arbor) are all over Brian Kelly for his dismissive attitude towards the Notre Dame - Michigan rivalry.

Last night during ESPN’s studio show surrounding the Florida State - Pitt game, ESPN’s Mark May talked about how much he enjoyed watching the Irish and Wolverines battle when he was growing up in upstate New York.

Skip Bayless did the same thing on ESPN’s First Take this morning, nearly falling out of his chair that the Irish would back out of a rivalry that Bayless cherished “going back to Bubba Smith.” (Smith is one of Michigan State’s best known college football players.)

The only problem? The Irish and Wolverines were in the middle of one of their thirty-plus year breaks during May and Bayless’s respective childhoods.

As you’d expect, Deadspin was all over it. (May and Bayless)

At this point, this is getting kind of funny and hopefully this will be the end of the artifical outrage. Because nobody wants to hear Bayless discussing some of the real reasons that actually led to this series not being played every year.

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