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Turning the page on USC

Okay, I think we can all agree that nobody is ready to turn the page on Saturday’s game, but for the good of all things sane, we’re going to do it anyway. We’ve got the video guys humming on some stuff that is pretty cool, so we’ll take a few steps back and look at that, but I’m stepping on the gas, honking the horn, and if you aren’t in the back seat, we aren’t waiting for you...

Here’s some linkage from the weekend that was.

* Gregg Doyel of CBS Sports, usually a guy I find myself agreeing with, gives a pretty reasonable response to what he saw this weekend. I feel especially good about the column because I was sitting next to him in the press box.

* And then, of course, there’s this guy. I’ll say this for him, he certainly knows how to take a stance.

* Terence Moore of Fanhouse is another guy I really like reading and I spent some time talking to him on Saturday during the game as well. Here’s his report from South Bend this weekend, where he told me he was ready to write Weis off until he watched the team play that fourth quarter.

* Part three of the Fanhouse brigade was former NBC’er John Walters. John spends a ton of time around the program. Really enjoyed this section:

More than a few of the national columnists who descended upon South Bend brought with them both a laptop and a noose. This game might be, in their minds, a potential coup de grace game for Notre Dame’s fifth-year coach. And when Trojan tailback Joe McKnight

Instead, Weis’ team fought back. And that’s what this is: Weis’ team.

scored from one yard out to make it 34-14 with 13:33 to play, you could feel the gallows door opening. The leads would be worded differently, but each would be some variation of “Flat-lined against a blue-gray sky, Charlie Weis’ career at Notre Dame came to an end today.”

Very well said.

* Dr. Saturday got a good one in with his title:

“Hail, Hail, Notre Dame’s feel-good loss of the year.”

Not much I can say to argue with this one...

* Frank over at had some pretty extensive “Initial Impressions.”

* The guys at the South Bend Tribune both had columns worth reading as well. You can see Eric Hansen’s here and Al Lesar’s here. Here’s a great opener from Lesar:

One pass separated exceptional from amazing. From Heisman contender to frontrunner. It was that close Saturday.

Good stuff.

* Dave Curtis of the Sporting News contends that ND “nowhere near ready to beat nation’s best.”

I’d contend that they were about four yards away from being ready, but that’s just me.

* David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune wakes up the schematic advantage echoes.

If ever there was a moment for Weis to employ the decided schematic advantage he once bragged about, this was it. This was the moment for Weis to reach deep into the same bag of tricks that produced that nifty fake field goal...

There was the Bush Push in ’05. This was the Duval Fall.

Ouch. Tough to see that mediocre (but well manicured) turf come back to the Irish.

* Gene Wojciechowski channeled Dr. Seuss as he tried to write Charlie Weis’ obituary.

* Former Observer editor Chris Hine gets a pretty prestigious byline, pitching in at the Quad Blog at the New York Times, and pondering one of the more interesting hypotheticals ever.

*Finally, here’s the video from Rocket Ismail’s pep rally performance. He was a man on fire. It didn’t end tonight, but still... it was pretty sweet.